Composition Notebooks:

    Composition notebook are for notes and I expect it to be brought to class on a daily basis.  The paper in it is to be used for notes only.  I will randomly check your notes for a grade.  This will be an easy 50 points!


    Late Work:


    Late work will be accepted, however, it will receive a maximum score of 75% and you MUST come in before or stay after school to grade receive any credit.  If you need help, please feel free to ask.




    All assignments not finished in class are homework and due the next class period or on the assigned due date.  Weekly Homeowrk papers are handed out on the first day (Monday) of each school week and collected on the last (Friday) but each column will be graded daily.  


    Bell work can NOT be made up.  It is to be completed in class during the first 5 minutes of the period.  If you are absent, that will be excused for the day(s) you are gone.




    I do not issue passes out of class.  It is vital that students are in the classroom the entire period.  If an emergency arises, I will use my best discretion and MAY allow the student to leave.