•  Some Useful Knowledge

     Here are some things that WILL help when trying to take a State test (ex. CRT) or even when completing your other daily educational tasks.
     This information was shared with us by a Nationally known educator, Larry Bell.
     12 Power Words
     Listed below are 12 words that Mr. Bell has found you are more than likely going to see a lot on your state tests.  It will help you become more successful at understanding what, exactly, the question is asking for. 
    Power Word Student-Friendly Meaning
    Outline, list in steps
    Analyze Break it down
    Infer Read between the lines
    Evaluate To Judge, tell the good and bad
    Formulate Create, put together
    Describe Tell about
    Support Back it up
    Explain Tell the steps; tell how
    Summarize Short version
    Compare How are they alike
    Contrast How are they different
    Predict Tell what will happen next