UNRAAVEL is a pneumonic device that is designed to help you remeber the steps to take when either reading a passage or working a word problem.  It is spelled wrong on purpose so don't freak out there.
     Here is what is stands for...
     U- Underline the tile
     N- Now predict
     R- Run through and number the paragraphs
     A- Are the questions read, in your head
     A- Are you circling the important words
     V- Venture through the passage, read it, picture it
          and think about the answers
     E- Eliminate the wrong answers
     L- Let the answers fall in to place
     Here is a song that Mr. Peak and Mr. Williams have put together to help you remember the steps.  We Will UNRAAVEL
     Math UNRAAVEL (for use with word problems mainly)
     U- Underline the question
     N- Now predict, what will we have to do (+, -, x, ÷)
     R- Read the problem
     A- Are the KEY words circled
     A- Apply the steps
     V- Verify the answer (check your work)
     E- Eliminate wrong answers
     L- Let your answer stand or rework the problem