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    Grading Scale:                                   Grading Values:

    100-90 = A                                          Homework                               10 points

    89-80 = B                                            Notebooks                                50 points

    79-70 = C                                            Signed Grade Checks               20 points

    69-60 = D                                            Math Menus/ Projects              100 points

    59 and below = F                                 All Test                                    200 points

    **Please note when viewing Infinite Campus that if you notice the following scores this is what they mean:


                4 = This is a redo assignment.   This indicates that a score of Below 70% was earned and the incorrect problems may be redone             on separate paper.  Once redone and turned back in it will be worth the full 10 points, within 2 weeks.


    2 = This assignment was turned in incomplete.  They need to complete the assignment and turn it in for 7.5 points.



    Students are to keep their notes, quizzes/ tests, homework, vocabulary and RAPs in specified sections in their notebook and this will be randomly checked for an easy grade. 


    Late Work:

    Late work will be accepted, however, it will receive a maximum score of 75% and you MUST come in to my class to grade it before or after school to receive any credit.  If you need help, please feel free to ask.



    You will be given your work for the entire week on Monday and it is ALL due COMPLETE on Friday.  The paper will be turned in on Fridays but we will be checking/ grading it daily.  Please use filler paper only for homework, not spirals and NO PEN!  Expect to work on homework daily.