• Hello and Welcome to Nancy Yaffe's Site

    Welcome to 7th grade Reading. I am starting  my 24rd year at Central Junior High for the 2017-2018 school year. Before coming to Central I taught 6th grade at Kelley Elementary for 4 years.
     I am so excited to be able to share my love of reading and writing  with your children. I have been reading so many wonderful Young Adult novels over the summer and I can't wait to introduce your child to reading as they have never experienced it before. I hope you will see a difference in how your child views reading even if they haven't enjoyed reading for pleasure before. I will teach  your child some grammar in the context of their literature. There are also numerous writing assignments in response to what the students will read.Vocabulary will also play a big part of their learning this year. There will be  quizzes on their vocabulary words.The students will also be exposed to current events through a  bi-weekly assignment titled Article of the Week (AOW). They will be posted in the files part of my website. I hope you will take the time to discuss these articles with your children and even read some of them. I received some very positive feedback from both students and parents last year with this assignment. There will be homework from time to time. The main homework will be reading a total of  at LEAST 30 minutes per week. I do expect your child to come to class prepared everyday, ready to learn and have fun!
    I feel that my experience as a parent and now as a grandparent has provided me with the knowledge, compassion, and understanding to be an even better teacher. I care about your children,but I do have high expectations for them. I hope by working together as a team, your child will have continued success in school or greater success if that has not happened in the past.
    Prior to the time when I was teaching I was home raising three children. All of my children have graduated from Moore Public Schools. Two of my sons are attorneys as is my husband. My daughter is a teacher at Eastlake Elementary teaching 5th grade.. One of my daughter -in - law's is also a former teacher who just completed her master's degree in counseling and my other daughter -in-law is a pediatrician with her own clinic Just Kids Pediatrics, located at SW 89th and May as well as a second clinic next to Moore High School. She also has a pediatric Emergency Clinic located at the SW 89th and May (South west corner) location and also at the Moore Clinic 400 South Eastern (hours are 5-9 pm Monday through Friday; 9-5 am Saturday and Sunday)  My son-in-law is in the home building business. I am blessed to have seven wonderful grandchildren ranging in age from 3years- 13years of age. Six of the seven grandchildren now attend Moore Schools.
    I look forward to having a wonderful year getting to know your child and helping them be successful in the classroom. Please feel free to contact me at any time. You can reach me through my  e-mail and I will try to get back to you within a few hours. nancyyaffe@mooreschools.com