• Policies and Procedures
    Grading: We will have daily assignment grades, test grades, and project grades.  All grades will be determined using the point system.  Everything we do in class will have a value.  Students must work to earn their grades!
    Bell Work: We will do a five minute warm-up at the beginning of each class.  These will include content review, vocabulary, and brain challenges.  They will be graded at the end of each week.
    Homework:  Students will be given enough time in class to complete most assignments.  They will have one short assignment per week that will be designated as "homework" that will be completed outside of classroom each week.
    Projects:  We will be doing many projects and lab activities throughout the year.  I expect students to work together in a respectful manner and follow lab safety rules.  If they can't then they will be given an alternate assignment to work on.
    Absent Work: If a student is absent, any assignments they missed will be given to them upon their return to school.  They have one week to turn the work in for full credit.  Then they can turn it in late for partial credit after that.
    Late Work:  Students will have until the end of each unit to complete any assignments related to that topic.  They can turn in any work for partial credit at any time during the current semester.
    Agenda:  All assignments and tests will be posted on the classroom agenda. Students are encouraged to copy it down.  The agenda will also be utilized  as their hallway pass.