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         Kristina Morris N.B.C.T.

    National Board Certified Teacher of Early Adolescent English Language Arts x2!
    English Education Certified 5th-12th
    Special Education Certified Mild to Moderate 5th-12th
    PreAP Certified 
    Co-Sponsor of Robotics  Club
    Sponsor of the Art Club Bink Ink
    Name:  Kristina Morris N.B.C.T. Conference/Plan: 9:45am -   10:40am
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    Hour (Time)
    1.   7:40am -   8:40am             7th English
    2.   8:45am -   9:40am Honors 8th English
    3.   9:45am - 10:40am 8th English
        11:10am 1st rotation / 11:40 2nd rotation  / 10:40 3rd rotation LUNCH TIME
    4. 11:15am - 12:10pm 8th English
    512:15pm -   1:10pm 8th English
    6.   1:15pm -   2:16pm 8th English
    Co-Curricular Assignments:
    Robotics Club: Mon & Wed From 2:15-4:00 Fine Arts Building
    We WON State and took on WORLDS in 2017, 2018, and 2020! 
    Took 3rd, 4th, and 5th at State in 2019!
    Brink Ink Art Club: Every OTHER Tuesday 2:15-3:00 Rm 116
    Finished the MURAL in the Cafeteria.