• 10/24/2018

    1. Service Points
      1. You are required to earn 5 service points per semester. 3 of the points are to be earned doing an activity sponsored by NJHS. 2 points are to be outside volunteer hours.
      2. You will record your points each month at our monthly meeting. All points are to be verified and signed off by an NJHS officer.
      3. Remember also: Honor Society is also about doing the right thing. Your behavior in classes should be exemplary.
    2. Coming Opportunities for Service Points:
      1. Candy donations, Red Ribbon Parade 10/27, Thunder Blue Game Flag ceremony 11/11 and Shop with a Cop 12/8 and Caroling in December.
    3. Blue and Gold Sausage Products
      1. We will begin selling Blue and Gold products today. You are encouraged, but not required to try to get orders. Anyone who has bought it before will usually order more!
      2. Orders will need to be given to Mrs. Micue or Mrs. Ellis by November 15th.
      3. The product will be delivered to our school the week of Nov. 26th and then you will deliver to your customers
      4. It is recommended that you collect the money when you take the order, but that is up to you. If you order it, you will be responsible for paying for it.
      5. Come dressed as a tourist or in the costume of your favorite destination!
    4. Candy Donation We still need candy for the parade this Saturday! No suckers please.
    5. Red Ribbon Parade (Parade Theme is “Life is Your Journey, Travel Drug Free)
      1. We will be walking in the Red Ribbon Parade on Oct. 27 (3 Points)
      2. You need to be there at 9:30 (parade starts at 10, but we need to be in line and ready) we will be Number 47.. We will meet at NW 5th and Broadway in our spot, number 47. Please sign in with Mrs. Micue or Mrs. Ellis. You need to be picked up at the Central Station between 10:45 and 11
      3. Dress as a tourist or the costume from your favorite destination- our school entry is Traveling the World Drug Free.
    6. Thunder Blue Game November 11 at 2pm
      1. We have been invited to do the flag ceremony (we will be rolling out a giant American Flag and holding it up during the National Anthem which will be sung by our Highland East choir!).
      2. The game starts at 2. I think we will need to be there about 1:15, but as soon as I get the exact time I will let those who are participating know.
      3. We need to know how many students are coming by this Friday at noon!
      4. Your parents and family will be able to purchase tickets for $10 and I will send that information to them (I have actually e-mailed them already about it).
      5. We must know student numbers by Friday. If your parents can’t go, you can still participate, but you will need to have a ride there and be picked up there.
    7. Questions? Talk to Mrs. Micue or Mrs. Ellis. Next meeting Nov. 14, 3rd hour