Detention Monitors and Room Numbers

Detention Schedule

  • Detention Rules
    1) Students will show up on time or they will not be permitted to enter detention.
    2) Students will bring a school assignment to work on during detention.
    3) Students will not talk during detention and they will treat they detention teacher with respect at all times.
    4) If students choose not to cooperate it may result in dismissal from detention and further discipline.
    Students will be given a slip to sign if they receive detention. This slip will tell them where detention will be held. It also reminds them that they must have some school work to do. If they have no school work then they need to take a book to read.  Students who arrive late will not be admitted to detention.  If a student misses detention then the detention doubles.  If a student is absent the day of their assigned detention or if there is conflict after they chose their detention time they need to see the teacher that assigned the detention to reschedule.