• Hello and Welcome to Charles McClain's Website

    ....Hello my name is Charles McClain I am the Art Teacher at South Ridge Jr High. My classes consist of 7th grade block, 8th Grade Art 1,  8th Grade 3D Art. I am in my 16th year working for Moore Public Schools and my third at Southride Jr High.   I enjoy my job very much and look forward to coming to work every day. I realize that this is a blessing.  Many people whom I know do not have the same luxury.    Any questions or concerns can be directed to my school email at CharlesMcClain@mooreschools.com.

    At open house I announced that there will be fees for all Art classes.   I will not be able to take up fees for several more days due to the waiting period before I can write receipts.  Notes will be sent home with your students as soon as I can take money.  Thank you for your understanding.   
    I have also had several questions concerning what materials we may need.  After taking up the fees from studens I will purchase all needed materials for the class.