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    Highland West JH

    Athletic Facilitator:  Joshua Myers

    MPS Athletic Department Covid-19 Safety Protocols



    Athletic Paperwork:

    All paperwork that has been included in the athletic packet in previous years is now available online.


    Please use the following link to get to the instruction page: 

    Moore Public Schools RankOne Page
    Here are instructions to help you get started with filling out your Rank One forms:

    The following forms must be completed online prior to your student athlete participating in any portion of athletics at Southmoore/HighlandWest/Southridge:

    ·        MPS Concussion & Head Injury Consent Form 

    ·        Emergency Contact & Travel Consent Form

    ·        Insurance Form

    ·        OSSAA Eligibility Form

    ·        OSSAA Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Form 

    ·           Athlete/Parent/Guardian Sudden Cardiac Arrest Symptoms and Warning Signs


    Highland West Athletics 2020-2021

    If you are interested in any of the sports, please contact the head coach of that sport. We look forward to having your child participate in athletics at Highland West. 

    *The Highland West basketball teams, football teams, and cheer squad are made up entirely of Highland West student athletes.  


    All other Highland West sports (cross country, golf, softball, swimming, tennis, track, volleyball and wrestling) are considered a Southmoore Junior High Team . These are combined teams joining all of the student athletes from Highland West and Southridge. 

    Fall Sports:  Volleyball, Fastpitch Softball, Football, Cross Country
    Winter Sports:  Basketball, Wrestling
    Spring Sports:  Golf, Slow pitch Softball, Track, Tennis

    Athletic Facilitator:  Joshua Myers 


       Girls –  Holly Hackett                 
       Boys - James Mukes
    Cheer - Molly Sykes
    Cross Country (Boys and Girls) - Amy Critchfield
    Football: Chris Wright
    Golf (Boys) - Rodney Hennings
    Golf (Girls) - Brad Black
    Softball (Girls Fastpitch) - Jason Lingo
    Softball (Girls Slowpitch) - Jason Lingo
    Tennis (Boys and Girls) - Kelly Johnson
    Track (Boys) - 
    Track (Girls) - Amy Critchfield
    Volleyball (Girls) - Audra Landers
    Wrestling - James Seeney
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    Updated: 8/7/2020