• The mandatory Parent/Player meeting for junior high will be Tuesday, May 2nd at 6:00 PM. This meeting is for incoming 7th and 8th graders who are interested in playing volleyball in the Fall of 2023. 

    The meeting will be held in the commons area at Southmoore. 

    Before the meeting- please make sure you join Southmoore Volleyball TeamApp for any announcements/updates. See you May 2nd! 

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    Southmoore Junior High Volleyball


    Southmoore Junior High Volleyball Information

    Interested in signing up for volleyball in Junior High, but not sure how to do it? Here is some helpful information to get you started!

    • Practices- Volleyball is a Fall sport, so our season starts in the summer. The season always begins July 15th per OSSAA rules. The deadline for new practice players is July 29th. 
    • Mandatory Parent/Player Meeting- Players and parents will be required to attend at least one Parent/Player meeting. These meetings will be announced on Team App and on the school websites. Parent/Player meetings cover upcoming season information, team rules and program expectations, booster club introductions, and more.
    • Sign-Up Sheet- (Will be posted May- July 14) Please fill out the Google Form attached to the website before July 12th! This will allow coaches to see how many players we can expect at practices and have parent information for emergencies.
    • Team Camp- The Junior High players will spend the first week of practices with Coach Serowski at Southmoore High School for Team Camp. This allows time for evaluations, team placement, and allows players to learn Southmoore volleyball systems.
    • Rank One- Rank One forms will need to be completed by July 8th to ensure the paperwork goes through in time for practices. Players will NOT be allowed to participate in practices until all paperwork is completed and they are “green” in Rank One. This is a district policy and will be enforced by Southmoore volleyball coaches to ensure the safety of our athletes. All Rank One forms will need to be scanned and sent as a PDF to christophertrobaugh@mooreschools.com. Coaches cannot and will NOT be accepting RankOne paperwork.
    • Team App- For more information, updates, and communications – Please join our Team App! This is where most of our information is passed out from coaches and booster club. Please note- this app is not a place to voice concerns or opinions. This is an app to help coaches, athletic facilitators, and athletic directors keep parents up to date with team events. It is purely an information forum. Download TeamApp in the App store- search Southmoore Volleyball and join the appropriate group.
    • Volleyball Gear/Equipment- We will have a team store that opens and closes at the beginning of summer. Our orders take some time to come in, so we must order before our season starts. All players are required to have and wear knee pads (preferably white Nike), Nike- Navy Blue Spandex, and Southmoore shirts for practices. We will provide jerseys for game days. We have spandex with our logo on them and can only be found and purchased in our Team Store. 
    • Physicals- Your physical must be emailed to Chris Trobaugh well before practices start! If you bring your physical to practice on day 1 you will not be able to practice or stay and watch. It must be verified and entered into the system by Chris Trobaugh before you can participate in practices. There are a ton of sports and athletes, so don't wait until the week before practices.

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Where will practices and games be held?

    • Practices and home games will be held at Highland West Junior High after school. Practice and game times will be determined by the team the player is placed on.

    How do Southridge players get to Highland West after school?

    • We will have a shuttle bus that picks up players at Southridge and takes them to Highland West. Players do not have to ride the shuttle after school if they don’t want to/need to. Parents will be responsible for players being dropped off and picked up on time if they do not ride the shuttle bus.

    How are the games formatted?

    • Games will be played in the following order: (times may differ but will be on the season schedule handed out at the Parent/Player meeting)

    4:30 7th Grade B team

    5:00 8th Grade B team

    5:30 7th Grade A team

    6:30 8th Grade A team

    Will there be try-outs?

    • Players will be evaluated starting on the first day of practices and continue throughout the entirety of the year. We will have a “varsity” and "JV” team for both 7th and 8th grade, as well as practice teams for both grades. Teams can change throughout the season. Players will not be cut or removed from the team unless they are in violation of team, school, district, or state rules.

    How much playing time will I receive?

    • Playing time is earned in practice each day and not all playing time is fair or equal. Playing time is not guaranteedSouthmoore Junior High volleyball is a place for athletes to grow and develop new skills, but it is still a competitive sports program. Volleyball is a growing sport with a lot of interest! If you are seeking fair and equal playing time, recreational sports (such as the YMCA) may be better suited.

    How will coaches determine what team I make?

    • Many factors determine an athlete’s team placement. Some of these factors may include: attendance, attitude, effort, preparedness, team/program participation, leadership, and skill level.

    Will everyone receive a jersey and playing time?

    • Based on previous seasons and the growing popularity of volleyball in Moore- we expect to have a lot of junior high players. Every player is welcome to attend their assigned practice each day, but this does not guarantee a jersey, and jerseys do not guarantee playing time. In the event we have large numbers in practices, we may create a travel team for away games.

    What do I have to do to participate and join? 

    • Attend at least one mandatory parent/player meeting
    • Receive a physical after May 1st
    • Join Southmoore Volleyball’s TeamApp
    • Fill out the Google Form (will be posted from May-July 15)
    • Complete all necessary forms on the Rank One website
    • Maintain school grades, attendance, and behavior.
    • Players will not be able to practice until their team contract is signed and RankOne papers are completed. Team contracts are handed out at the mandatory parent/player meetings and will need to be re-signed each year! 

    Can parents or students watch practices?

    • All practices will be closed practice and students not involved in volleyball cannot stay in the gym for liability reasons. Parents must wait outside the gym to pick up their athletes. This is for the safety, comfort, and focus of all athletes in practices.


    Rank One Forms: https://moorepublicschools.rankonesport.com/Main/Default2.aspx?Type=3 


    Team App: https://southmoorevolleyball.teamapp.com/