Class Overview



    Beginning Band

    This ensemble is open to all 7th grade students.  Students are led through staff guided instrument placement. Student interest, previous musical experience, physical characteristics, addition/removal of braces, and ability to hear pitch, are all considerations in instrument placement. It is our goal to provide the student with the best possible match in order to ensure success and maintain a positive attitude toward music. Students will use Sound Innovations by Alfred Publishing as the beginning band book. Once a student has chosen band as an elective, the expectation is for the student to remain in band for the duration of the school year. Our program is a cumulative program that does not allow for remediation of students who choose to drop band for any amount of time.


    8th Grade Concert Band

    This ensemble consists of 8th grade students.  Concert Band is open to all students that have successfully completed and passed one full year (2 semesters) of the beginning band program.  All transfer students must first complete an audition with the director to confirm enrollment. This audition may be waived for in-district transfers, based upon recommendation from the previous director. Students will use Sound Innovations Book 2 and Foundations for Superior Performance for the 8th grade band book.