Vision Statement




    Vision Statement:


    The Moore West Learning Community is committed to high standards of academic performance and citizenship. Students, faculty, and staff all contribute to an environment of mutual respect, fairness, and equity that promotes an environment that is conducive to learning and character development.


    As teachers we will work to meet our goals by working collaboratively in the development of proven teaching strategies that are engaging and meet the needs of all learners. We will create assessments that allow us to monitor the learning of all students and use the results to guide our process of improvement by addressing individual needs and learning styles.


    Moore West teachers will model to students the attributes of responsibility, hard work, and respect, as well as a commitment to quality work and lifelong learning.

    Motto Statement:
    The motto of Moore West Junior High is to ensure that our students become active participants in the learning process as they strive to achieve their fullest potential in becoming self-supporting, self-actualizing adults.