• Kindergarten Readiness

    Your child will experience greater success in Kindergarten if he or she enters into school with the skills listed below. The single most critical element to your child’s success throughout all his or her years in school will be if he or she is ready to learn. Students should be interested and motivated and realize that they are going to school to learn. Many children when they start school in September simply do not understand this concept. It will be most helpful if you, as interested and involved parents help them to realize that they need to listen, pay attention, and remember what they are practicing in school.

    1. Able to dress themselves (snap, zip, tuck in shirt, buckle belt). These skills are very helpful for children going to the bathroom independently.

    2. Ability to write name, using a capital only at the beginning, along with
    knowing the letters in their first name.

    3. Ability to take turns and share.

    4. Tie their shoes.

    5. Able to identify and name most of the 52 letters (upper and lower case).
    6. Able to identify their colors and basic shapes (circle, square, triangle, rectangle).

    7. Has had experience using crayons, scissors and glue, and cut a straight, wavy, and curly line.

    8. Able to listen, do, and stay focused for a period of ten minutes.

    9. Has been read to at home. Have some basic concepts of print such as text
    is read top to bottom and left to right.

    10. Has had experience with group situations through pre-school, daycare, library groups, etc. Displays respect towards others.

    11. Can count by rote to 10.  Able to identify at least numbers 1-5.