McMartin's Class Assignments


    Song of the Day

    Click the link for song of the day, listen to the song.  Write down the artist, song title, and 10 words.  Look up the lyrics to find the best words.







    After writing down your Song of the Day info, click on the link below and fill out your Song of the Day form.

    Song of the Day Form




    Follow the link to today's Math Activity, answer 20 questions correctly, shoot a screen shot BY PRESSING "PRINT SCREEN" or "PrtScn" on your keyboard.  Paste the screen shot into an email and send it to  Students have access to their MPS email via

    Activity 1

    Activity 2

    Activity 3

    Activity 4

    Activity 5

    Activity 6  (Play the game, get to the highest level you can.  Don't give up, you have to learn the pattern.  Send me a screenshot of the menu after the highest level you have completed)



    Follow the link to Storyline Online.  Choose a story and then complete the form (listen to and look for a moral of the story).

    Storyline Online

    Storyline Online Form


    Social Studies


    Identify the States

    Follow one of the links below.  Practice finding/identifying all the states.  Screenshot it when you are finished and email it to

    Sheppard Software State Identification


    If you have sent Mr. McMartin a screen shot of a 100% for identifying states, proceed to matching states with capitals.  Email your results to Mr. McMartin with a screen shot.

    Sheppard Software States and Capitals



    MWJH Bill Pay 

    Also for social studies, you can be paying your bills every week.  Below is a link to the bill, you need to pay by the date they are due.  The due dates are posted below.

    Everyone will use the same debit card info.  Here is your card:  My Debit Card

    Moore West Cable Bill  (Due 5/8/20)

    MWG&E Bill (Due 4/17/20)

    Moore West Mobile Cell Phone Bill (Due 4/24/20)

    City of Oklahoma City Bill (Due 5/1/20)


    Pay your bill here:  Bill Pay


    Dates in History

    Click on the link below and use the internet to research the questions about specific dates in history.

    Dates in History Assignment



    Listen to any of the following podcasts.  It is called Brains On!.  You can follow the link below or find them on you podcasts app on you cell phone or tablet.  Most of the podcasts are about 30 minutes long.  After listening to the podcast, fill out the form by following the link below.  Be prepared to list interesting facts you learned.

    Brains On! Podcast

    Brains On! Form



    Fill out the form below to tell us what you did today.

    My Day Form


    Brain Pop

    Choose a unit and lesson from any subject and complete the form when finished.  The link for Brain Pop and the Username and Password are provided below.  Be prepared to give me 3 things you learned from the lesson, also know the name of the unit and lesson you have chosen.



    UN:  TigerBP1

    PW:  TigerBP1

    BrainPOP Completion Form


    MPS Special Services Parent Resources

    For additional information, please see our Moore Public Schools Parent Resources page.  This is provided by Moore Public School Special Services Administration.


    MPS Parent Resources