• Golf

    Westmoore High School

    Junior High girls Golf


    player/parent information

    A physical and RANKONE forms must be submitted before practicing.

    Player/parent meeting: TBD Sign up on Remind to receive all updated info. Do not rely on school announcements.  I send out all info through Remind so that parents get it right away.

    Basic Overview

    Contact information and updates:

    You must sign up on the Remind app (parents and players) to receive updates throughout the season. This is how I will relay all info to players and parents such as: any practice time changes, location changes, etc.

    Enter: 81010 for the number; send: @whsjh as the message

    My school email; my email is a great way to send and receive messages

    Who is eligible: 7th and 8th graders that attend Brink or Moore West with passing grades.

    Practice: Practices are scheduled to start February 4th. We will practice approximately 3:45-5:00 Monday-Friday at Earlywine Golf Course and sometimes at Westmoore High School or the Moore West gymnasium. Everything is dependent on the weather. Be sure to sign up on Remind so that you will know the location and time of practice each day. You must provide your own transportation to practice and must be picked up on time.

    Equipment and costs: Every player must have their own set of clubs. Borrowing a set from a family member or friend is a good idea for those still trying to figure out if it’s a sport they want to pursue. Each player is responsible for paying for range tokens and green fees. Range tokens are $3.25 and will be needed on days we practice at the driving range. Junior Green fees are $7.25 or ($5.50 if we pay ahead of time and go out as a team) and will be needed for qualifying rounds as well as days they practice on the actual course.

    A physical and RANKONE forms must be submitted before practicing.

    Tournaments: We will play in 4 tournaments and I will get that schedule out to the players at practice. I can only take 5 players to tournaments and those spots will be based on attendance and practice results. No cell phones allowed during practice time. If a player is getting on their cell phone during practice time, then they will not be considered for the tournament team. No cell phones are allowed during tournament play.

    Coach’s suggestion: I highly recommend you register your daughter in the First Tee Program ( if she is not already a member. It is a great way to learn the basics, get experience, work with a golf pro and receive range tokens and free green fees. It’s also a great way to find out if golf is something they like and want to do. Golf requires a ton of practice and commitment. They can advance up to the next level by testing out at the end of each season. It’s only $25 for the entire 7 week session (classes are one day a week for about an hour). They offer classes at different courses such as Earlywine, Westwood, Lake Hefner and the First Tee Facility.

    Tips to be successful: Practice a lot outside of our team practice times. Practice putting in the living room while watching tv. Practice chipping in the back yard. Play as many holes on a golf course as possible. Practice shots from tough spots like sand, under a tree, over water, etc.

    Private lessons: Every golf course offers private lessons. This is a great way to work on your individual swing so you know you’re practicing the correct way. Even just one lesson can make a huge difference and help your confidence.

    Learn the rules: The toughest part about starting golf is learning the rules, but you must know them. While playing, you are not allowed to get help or advice of any kind from anybody except the coaches. Parents cannot give advice or talk to their child until after they have turned in their scorecard. I recommend going to and ordering a set of rules cards. They attach to the golf bag and cover the basics, which is are situations the players will be in at some point or in some cases often. They are very helpful and don’t cost very much.

    Dress for the weather: Wear layers. Some days will be cold and all tournaments will start off chilly because we get there so early to warm up. On practice days, it will cool off quite a bit toward the end of practice. Keep a hoodie or jacket in your bag.

    About me: I graduated from Westmoore HS and lettered in 5 sports including golf while there. I went to college on a basketball scholarship then received my bachelors and masters from UCO. I currently teach elementary PE in Moore, coach the 7th grade volleyball team and started a golf program at the Earlywine YMCA previouly. I played several sports and I will do my best to work with any student that wants to play multiple sports knowing that sometimes they overlap. Please let me know if this applies to you. Golf is my favorite sport and a great sport for girls to get started in whether it’s just for fun or in hopes of earning a college scholarship.  I look forward to introducing the game to any beginner level students and helping the more experienced players take their game to the next level.

    A physical and RANKONE forms must be submitted before practicing.