Attendance Policy

  • Attendance Policy
    In order to receive credit for a course, a student cannot be absent more than ten (10) days each semester. Oklahoma state law requires school officials to keep attendance records and report excessive absences to the District Attorney’s office. Ten (10) unexcused absences within a semesterconstitutes excessive and thereby may be reported to the District Attorney’s office.Students with a passing grade, who exceed ten (10) absences in a semesterwill receive a "no credit" (NC) on his/her transcript for the semester.Students without a passing grade will receive an F. Continued absences will fall under the district’s discipline policy. Exceptions for extenuating circumstances or school-related activities may be requested through the building principal. Reasonable effort will be made to notify the parent before a "no credit" is given due to excessive absenteeism. Two unexcused tardies constitute an absence for grading purposes. (Reference paragraph 2 of Board Policy 7045)

    Attendance Related Information

    Students must be IN the classroom when the tardy bell has stopped ringing or he/she will be counted tardy. All tardies are counted unless the student has a pass from a staff member. Records of tardies will be kept by each teacher. Two (2) tardies constitute an absence and will be counted as such in conjunction with the attendance policy. If a student misses more than 5 minutes of a class, he/she will be marked in the grade book as absent from the class, and it will count toward the ten (10) days allowed per semester. Upon checking in, if a student is late to class more than 5 minutes, the student is still required to report to their class. The principal, counselor, or teacher must issue a statement of explanation in order for the tardy to be excused. Frequent early releases may be treated at tardies at the discretion of the building administrator. Excessive tardies may result in disciplinary action being taken. In order to reduce the number of tardies, the administrators may conduct random tardy sweeps. At any time during the school day it may be announced to teachers to send all tardy students to the main office. These students will be assigned one hour of community service to be served after school within three days of the tardy. Regular means of notification will be used to contact parents.
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