• Moore Public Schools and Moore West Junior High
    Dress Code Policy

    The principal's discretion will judge questionable attire.  Violations may result in discplinary action.  The principal may make exceptions for spirit days or special activities.  Pre-approval is required.  The following is a general guide reguarding proper dress.


    1.  Frayed, shredded, holey, ripped or torn garments may not be worn independently or with other clothing.  Normal wear and tear on or below the knees is accepted, unless it is to the extent that it causes a distraction in the classroom.


    2. Mini-skirts, short shorts (e.g. athletic/"Soffee" shorts), low riders, bicycle or boxer shorts should not be worn.  Skirts, dresses, and shorts' hemlines should be no shorter than one hand width above the top of the knee.


    3. Halter tops, off the shoulder tops, bare midriff tops, tank tops, backless garments, mesh shirts, muscle shirts, or outer garments that have the apperance of underwear or sleepwear are prohibited.  Clothing that is too tight or loose (including "sagging") is not to be worn.  The student's torso, chest, or undergarments should not show at any time, including while sitting, bending or leaning.  Sleeveless blouses must cover most of the shoulder.  Necklines should be modest and appropriate.


    4. Offensive writing, suggestive slogans or logos, which pertain to beer, liquor, drug or tobacco, or carry connotations of immorality, vulgarity, obscenity, or nudity, or promotion of violence and/or gang/cult activity on any person or article of clothing, belt buckles, jewelry,  school materials, etc. will not be allowed.


    5. Students must wear shoes. Cleats, house shoes, roller shoes, or shoes that limit physical activity or safety should not be worn.


    6. Headgear may not be worn in  or around the school buildings.  Examples include, but are not limited to: caps, hats, bandannas, and sunglasses.  Hoods on sweatshirts and sweaters may not be worn over the head inside the buildings at any time.  Stocking caps will be permitted in grades K-6 during inclement weather.


    7. Any known gang/cult related attire or personal grooming is prohibited.  Examples include, but are not limited to: headgear, colors, "sagging", etc.  Students may not wear colors, clothing or identified articles denoting gang/cult membership.


    8. Biker or animal chains/collars/spikes may not be worn.  Jewelry or personal items or manner of dress which could cause harm to self or others may not be worn.


    9.  Clothing normally worn when participating in a school sponsored extracurricular activity or sports activity may be worn to school when approved by the school administration.

    Visual examples of Dress Code