Mission Statement



    Moore High School is accredited by:
    High Schools That Work (HSTW)

    Moore High School's Vision
    The mission of Moore High School is preparing all students for college, career, and workplace readiness.


    1. Students will have the opportunity to develop proficiency in basic academic skills.
    2. Students will be provided with personal and educational guidance, remedial courses, honors programs and other specialized educational opportunities.
    3. Students will have the opportunity to explore career choices through personal guidance and vocational, industrial and technological education.
    4. Students will be offered the opportunity to develop a positive self-concept and sense of worth.
    5. Students will be provided with an atmosphere of respect and treated with equality so that they may not only develop a sense of their own worth, but also develop a respect for the human and civil rights of others.
    6. Students will be offered activities that demonstrate the constructive use of leisure time.
    7. Students will be offered an educational experience that will stimulate a desire for a lifelong learning.
    8. Students will be given the opportunity to learn correct methods of research and the exercise of critical thought.
    9. Students will be given the opportunity to acquire an understanding and appreciation for social, cultural, and ethnic experiences.
    10. Administrators and staff will promote and facilitate opportunities for staff development in order to accomplish these goals.

    I.D. Badges

    All students will be required to visibly display their photo I.D. badges worn around the neck via a lanyard while on school grounds during the school day.

    Weather (Adverse)

    There may be times when school will be dismissed because of weather conditions. This decision whouls be mde by approximately 6:00 a.m.  School closings will be televised over 4, 5, 9 and Cox Channels 3, 8, 10, 12, & 25.  Weather related closings will also be braodcast on the following radio stations:  WKY 930, KOKC 1520, KTOK 1000, KXY 96.1, KOMA 92.5 AND KYJO 102.7