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    Mission Statement

    The mission of the Moore Public Schools Department of Music is to prepare students to be successful in a diverse and ever-changing society through experiences in the musical arts. This is accomplished by designing and supporting the delivery of an aligned, articulated, assessed, and progressive performance-based curriculum. The music curriculum of Moore Public Schools is designed to provide a multitude of opportunities for students to develop their creative talents and passions, and their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. We believe that every child and student in our care is talented and has the capability of growing through musical experiences.  We further believe that all children will benefit from musical experiences of high quality, especially those that combine the acquisition of knowledge, the development of skills, and the opportunity for individual expression. 


    The music program is an integral part of a complete education for all students.  The music curriculum of Moore Public Schools is based upon common goals and objectives from Kindergarten through 12th grade.  The curriculum is both vertical and horizontal because it includes the activities of band, choral, and general music classes. 

    Moore teachers identify these areas of focus in music education:

    • Fluency in using the vocabulary and symbolic language of music
    • Listening skills – recognizing, understanding, and reproducing musical elements experienced as sound
    • Skill in analyzing music from visual representation
    • Skill in performing (singing and playing) both individually and as members of groups
    • Skill in creating music (composing and improvisation)

    The music curriculum of Moore Schools is organized through twelve major musical elements:






    Activities in which students will engage to meet these expectations include all of the Oklahoma Academic Student Standards identified by the Oklahoma State Department of Education and MENA National Standards for music education. 

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