Visual Graphic Art Class

     This class is not available for the 2016-17 school  year at Moore High School, but may be added back in the curriculum in the future.
    In this class students learn software programs such as Photoshop (first semester)  and Illustrator CS3(second semester). Students learn the Elements and Principles of design, and are required to use them on their projects.
    Tutorials are used to teach software programs while students are creating works of art that illustrate the elements and principles of design. Emphasis is on making artwork that has good composition and is meaningful.

    Projects include creating graphics projects that utilize the students' own photos as well as images that are downloaded from free-use sites on the internet. Posters and other graphics may be created for organizations at school, as well as area businesses.

    Students are encouraged to begin a graphics portfolio in the eventuality that they decide to submit an AP 2-D portfolio at some time. This is a one-semester class.