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    Students in 2-D Art Class should:
    ~  be on time; they are considered tardy if they are not inside the room when the second bell rings.
    ~  be respectful of others and of classroom materials.  Students are expected to clean up their areas and tools used  
          during class. Clean up grades are taken on random days.
    ~  be responsible about completing projects on time. District policy for late grades and absences apply in art class just
          like any other subject.
    Any student who uses art materials in an unsafe manner will complete a written assignment instead of the current art 
    All in class are expected to be working on a project each day. If one is finished, then another is begun. Participation grades 
        are given on random days.
     Cell phone use is up to the teacher, as district policy states.  Phones will be taken up if they are being used in class for texting, watching videos or playing games; or if the student is using the phone during work time without permission from the teacher.  
    Please refer to the Moore Public Schools Student handbook if you have questions about this policy.