Welcome to Pre-AP Biology!
    We will be learning about cell structure and function, genetics, heredity, ecology, the chemistry of living things, classification of living organisms, scientific method and critical thinking. In this class you will have projects such as writing, labs, reading assignments and hands-on activities to prepare you for more advanced courses in your high school career. You will also be learning how Biology is relevant to your life by studying current events in fields such as medical, environmental, etc.
    Safety Contract Link: Lab Safety Contract
    Things to Remember:
    Please never hesitate to ask questions! I am here to help you!!
    McGraw-Hill Textbook Site: Biology Textbook
    Bring a current event (news article etc) once a month when instructed. Cool sites: www.sciencedaily.com, www.biologynews.org , www.discoverynews.com
    ***REMEMBER: It MUST pertain to Biology for you to get credit! :)
    Cell Respiration Song youtube video: http://youtu.be/3aZrkdzrd04
    Practice Genetics/DNA website: www.dnaftb.org