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    "Seeing leads to reflection; reflection leads to action."
    I graduated from OSU with a Bachelor's degree in Secondary English Education, and I have been teaching English for fifteen years. In 2008, I received my Master's degree in Secondary Administration from SWOSU.
    Italian Coast
    Also, in 2008, I was fortunate enough to help sponsor an educational trip to Europe through EF Tours. During this trip, I visited Italy where I stood in awe at the Coliseum, the Roman Forum, Pompeii, and the Florence Duomo. In France, I was able to tour the Louvre and sightsee in Paris. Our last stop was London, England where I was able to see The Phantom of the Opera in Her Majesty's Theater as well as wave to the queen as she approached Buckingham Palace. This experience was wonderful, and I truly enjoyed taking students to Europe.
    In the spring of 2010, Ms. Lawrence, Ms. Brock, and I wrote a grant to embark on a video documented postmodern journey to London, Paris, Amsterdam, Auschwitz, and Rome, standing where literature and history merge. Our goal was to stand at the site of each of the literary works we teach: London (Shakespeare/Romeo and Juliet); Paris and Versailles (A Tale of Two Cities); Amsterdam (the Holocaust); Krakow/Auschwitz (Night and Maus), and Rome (Julius Caesar). As we traveled through these places, we created a virtual video field trip to guide our students through museums and historical sites. We also set up a blog for students to ask questions and comment on what had been seen and heard. Our purpose was to establish a more multicultural, diverse and interconnected learning experience for our students while simultaneously making our teaching experience more meaningful by reinforcing and building upon the previous year's instruction and creating an environment that encourages genuine questioning and reflection.
    Our students were so receptive that we (Ms. Lawrence, Ms. Brock, and I) are sponsoring an EF Tour student trip back to Europe in the summer of 2012. We will be visiting Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, and London. This trip is not sponsored by Moore High School.
    I look forward to the new school year with renewed vigor and hope to incorporate more of what I have learned into my curriculum. It is my desire that students will recognize that the various literary works we teach are a part of their culture and identity because these works encompass the great multitude of human experiences.