• Welcome to AP Biology


    Introduction to AP Biology

    This course is fast-paced, challenging and exciting.  The curriculum is designed to prepare students to take the AP College Board Exam in May. 
    The course syllabus link is provided as well as an outline of the course objectives. 
    Students are required to complete coursework online and register at the Campbell Pearson website.   
    Supplies needed for the course:
    Textbook, computer access, 3 ring binder 2",  Lab composition books with graph paper, 4 function calculator
    Tips for preparing for the AP Exam
    1.  a.  Study each night and review over the major concepts we are covering.
    2. b.  Practice AP Exams over the weekends and work on writing essays 
    c.  Remember to utilize the AP College Board website!  READ, READ and READ!
    2019 Safety AGREEMENT to sign for district to do labs.  Please click  HERE 

    Hard copy of Safety Agreement


    AP Biology Bozemann Videos for the Course. Please click HERE.