• Expectations for Student Conduct:  Students have been made aware that I have high expectations for their cooperation in developing and maintaining a positive class atmosphere conducive to learning.  Participation is a must in a foreign language and this will be a large part of the students’ grades.  Attendance and Tardy policy of the Moore Public School District as well as the policies pertaining to the the dress code and ID’s will be adhered to in this class (see student handbook online).


    Class discipline steps

                  1.  Student conference and possible change of seat.

          2.  15 minute lunch detention and email to parents/guardians.

          3.  20 minute lunch detention and email to parents/guardians.

          4.  Referral to assistant principal.


    Specific classroom rules:

                 1.  No food or gum.  The only drink allowed is bottled water.

          2.  No electronic devices will be used in class at any time. 

          3.  Any student caught cheating will receive a zero and an email will be sent to parents/guardians.

          4.  Use of translation programs is prohibited.  There is a link on my website for a Spanish/English dictionary

                      students may use to look up individual words.  The dictionary also contains all verbs and their tenses.

          5.  Bring necessary supplies to class; students will not be allowed to go to their locker if they forget something.


     Grading policy:

             Grade categories will be as follows:

                   Participation                             65%

                   Quizzes                                    15%

                   Tests                                         20%


    Participation: Daily work such as homework and warm ups as well as audio and oral exercises, reading and writing assignments and projects. 

                Homework can be from the workbook, the text or worksheets and are due the next school day.  Students
                will have 3 “late passes” a semester they can use to turn in an assignment 1 day later than the due date.  These
                passes should be used wisely; i.e. to cover a family emergency and not because a student didn’t feel like doing
                the assignment. After using all 3 passes any assignment turned in late will be given partial credit and if not
                turned in will receive a zero.

     Warm ups will be turned in at the end of the week and will receive a weekly grade.  The grade will be based on completion and one day, picked at random, that I will grade.  As with all other assignments students will need to be make up any warm up missed due to absence.


                Quizzes:  Once a week.


                Tests:  At the end of each unit and at 9 weeks.

                 Making up a quiz or test:  If a student is absent the day of a quiz or test it must be made up within 3 days of

                 returning to school.  Make ups must be done before school, after school or during lunch.