Rules for checking out books

    Who can check out books?

    Students, teachers and parents can check out books from our Apple Creek Library.  All students are entered into the library database when they enroll.  Teachers are entered into the database by the media specialist when they begin teaching at Apple Creek.  Parents can be entered into the database by the media specialist upon special request.

    Borrowing policies:

    1.  Books are checked out for 2 weeks at a time.*
    2.  Kindergarten students check out 1 book.
    3.  Students 1-6th grades check out 2 books.
    4.  Books may be renewed.  Just bring it to the library for renewal.
    5.  Students with overdue books may NOT check out.
    6.  Books may be checked out beginning the first day of school.#
    7. Kindergarten begin checkout after lessons.

    * Some books are special check out for less than 2 weeks.
    # Student who begin the school year with outstanding books may NOT check out.

    Library Expectations:

    1.  Come prepared; bring your library books.
    2.  Know why you have come to the library.
    3.  Classes wait at the door for the direction of an adult.
    4.  Good manners are expected - stay calm, quiet and respectful.
    5.  Patron information is private.  Only one person is served at the circulation desk at a time;one person on the rug at a time.
Last Modified on October 2, 2019