-Please note:  My classroom will be a no cell phone environment.  Cell phones are a distraction and potential disruption.  Having them out on one's desk, lap or other exposed location and/or listening to music is not conducive to learning mathematics.  Cell phones will be silenced and put away at all times.  Violators will have their phone taken and turned into the office as per the student handbook.     
    Pre-AP Math Analysis            teacher: Nancy Nix
     Canvas is down. Class notes are here until further notice. .


    School supply list:
       composition notebook, other paper for assignments, highlighters, notebook paper, folder, and colored pencils
       graphing calculator is highly recommended  (TI-84 family is what we use in class)
    Miss McClain and I will be tutoring our kids in my room, 729, each morning at 8:00.  Occasionally we have meetings but we are here often.  In addition, I will have lunch each day tutoring in my room (729) second lunch for the upper level math course.  All MHS upper level math students (Pre-AP Math Analysis, Calculus, ACT prep) are welcome in lunch tutoring and they may bring their lunches.  There is no reason to go without help. 
    FREE MATH TUTORING during lunch!