• Algebra I EOI Test Prep


    Instructor: Patricia Skinner

    Room 637                              

    Moore High School    




    Textbook: Buckle Down Oklahoma Algebra I


    Office Hours:

    I am usually here before school at about 7:50 am and after school till about 4:30.  I can also meet at other times if arranged in advance.


    Course Goals:

    To prepare you to retake the Algebra I EOI.


    Course Topics:

                Number Sense and Algebraic Operations




                Relations and Functions

                            Solving Linear Equations

                            Solving Linear Inequalities

                            Systems of Linear Equations

                Data Analysis, Probability, and Statistics



    Daily materials needed for class:

    One subject spiral notebook or composition book for bellwork; you may need more

    than one for the whole year.

                Composition notebook for notes.


                TI-30XS Multiview calculator. (These are provided for students for in class use 

    only. If they would like one to use outside of class, they will have to buy their own.)



    Supplies for Class:

                One box of tissues

                One bottle of hand sanitizer



    Instructional Methods:

    We will do a combination of lecture, discussion, guided practice, independent practice, and group work.  In order to individualize instruction, we will also be doing individual projects and peer tutoring.



    Shortened assignments; peer tutoring; and ability to do test/quiz corrections.


    Classroom Expectations:

    1. Arrive to class on time.

    2. Be prepared to work.

    3. Always do your best and never give up.

    4. Treat your classmates and your teacher with respect.

    5. Keep classroom clean and organized.

    6. Learn something new every day.


    Moore High School Expectations:

    1. Student ID’s must be worn at all times.

    2. Electronics, including cell phones and Ipods, are not allowed in class.

    3. Tardies and absences:

    -2 tardies = 1 absence

    -if you are more than 5 minutes late you are absent

    -limit of 10 absences per semester if you wish to receive credit for a class

    4. Dress Code: Dress code violations will be referred to your grade level office.

    5. You must have your agenda at all times.

    6. No personal grooming in class.


    Classroom Rules:

    1. Stay within your own space.

    2. Destroy nothing.

    3. Use language appropriate for school.

    4. Do your own work.



    1. In-class strategies.  (These may include, but are not limited to: verbal warnings, teacher proximity, non-verbal gestures, seating changes, and informal student conferences.)

    2. Lunch Detention.*

    3. Contact IEP teacher and/or coach.

    4. Contact parent/guardian.

    5. Referral to counselor.

    6. Conference with parent/guardian

    7. Referral to grade level principal.


    *Lunch detention will be held the first 15 minutes of your lunch period. Failure to attend will result in 25 minutes the next day. Failure to attend for the 2nd time will move you to level 7-referral to grade level principal.

    Severe Clause:

    Any student who is fighting or trying to injure another student will immediately be sent to the office.  Any student who blatantly and repeatedly disobeys the teacher will also be sent to the office.




    Arriving to Class: Get your bellwork notebook from the bin and complete daily assignment on the smartboard. You must copy down the question, unless I tell you otherwise. You must also date your bellwork each day!


    Taking Notes: This is the most important time for you to pay attention because I will be showing you how to work problems. All notes taken must be written in your composition notebook.


    Classwork:  When we complete assignments in class, I expect you to pay attention. I also expect you to write down what has been written on the board to solve problems. Only writing down the final answer will not get you credit for the assignment.


    Late work: Late work will be accepted, but full credit will not be received.  If turned in within one week, a maximum grade of 80% can be earned,

    within 2 weeks, 70%, after that, 60%.


    When you are absent: Get missed work from Mrs. Skinner during independent work time or before or after class.


    At the end of class:  Throw away trash and put away calculators and books.  Do not try to leave class before the bell rings!


    Recycling:  I expect everyone to put trash paper in the paper recycling bin.  I will also have a box for plastic/aluminum that I will expect you to use as well.



    Evaluation of Student Progress (total of 100%):


    Dailywork (70%): This includes bellwork, classwork, and homework.

    Bellwork-You are required to keep a separate notebook for bellwork. We will do bellwork every day.

    Classwork: Activities and projects done during class time.  If not finished in class,

    it will have to be completed at home.

    Homework: You will have a folder for homework. We will have homework 2-3 times per week. You will be able to complete this with a regular calculator.


    Class participation (10%):  Do you participate in class activities? Do you do what I ask of you? Do you follow class expectations and rules?


    Tests and quizzes (20%): Once the semester gets going, you will usually have one quiz per week.  Longer tests will be given less often.


    Extra credit: Opportunities for extra credit will be given throughout the year.  It is up to you to take advantage of them.  You never know when you might need extra points.