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    Name: Amie Ware Conference/Plan: 1st hour (8:20-9:17)/2nd lunch
    Email: amieware  Remind 101  -Text to 81010   *Multimedia Techniques- Message--@mhsmultim   *Desktop Publishing- Message--@mhsdtp
                        *Personal Financial Literacy-Message--@pflware
    Hour (Time) Subject Room #
    1.  8:20-9:17  PLAN  
    2.  9:22-10:22  Multimedia Techniques  
    3.  10:27-11:24  Desktop Publishing & Graphic Design  
    4.  11:29-12:26  Desktop Publishing & Graphic Design  
    5.  1:11-2:08  Personal Financial Literacy  
    6.  2:14-3:11  Multimedia Techniques  
      2nd  lunch  (12:26-1:11)    
    Co-Curricular Assignments:    
    Business Professionals of America    
    Webmaster of MHS Inifinte Campus Coach for MHS  


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