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  • Blog 6-Plans for Fall Break?

    Posted by AMIE WARE on 10/14/2019

    Plans for Fall Break? 


    Well guys we've made it half way through the first semester and have come to Fall Break.  This is a short week at school this week, ending on Thursday for all of us.  2 short weeks in a row, nice. Huh? Speaking of fall break, do you have any plans for it?  Going to visit family or friends?  Work extra hours?  Stay home? Sleep a little more?  My plans for Fall break is to do fall cleaning of the closets.  Say what?  Yeah...Boring I know, but it has to be done. Start going through the closets and move the long sleeve stuff in the front and move the sleevless items in the back and check sizes of the clothes.  I might sleep a little more, meaning sleep till like 7:30 or 8, depending on how tired the kiddos are.  We have a dance convention workshop on Sunday in Tulsa for my older 2 girls, so we will probably head to Tulsa on Saturday and go to the Gathering Place. In the year in 2017 we visited 'Pops' on Route 66 up  near Arcadia.  My son wants to travel Route 66 one day.  We traveled a good portion of it this past summer going to Disneyland.  I would like to go again.  It was a pretty cool experience.  What about you?  What are your plans for Fall Break?  Tell me at least 3 things you hope to do or to accomplish while on Fall Break.  

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  • Blog 5-TV Shows

    Posted by AMIE WARE on 10/7/2019

    TV Shows (Fall Season)

    Well, if you have seen any tv recently, you have seen all of the previews for trhe upcoming shows for the fall season.  I have got my tv shows that I enjoy watching even if that means we have to watch it later.  TV shows can be a fantasy world where we escape to after a long day or it may be a reality tv show that you enjoy. Me personally, some of my shows that I'm looking forward to seeing this fall are: NBC  This Is Us.  The first season of this show, my husband and I watched when the shows was nearly over and we were hooked.  We are not big on the reality shows but the superhero shows.  We are looking forward to Supergirl and Flash.  We are not home much till football, tball, softball and soccer calm down at the end of October/beginng of November. And then we will be playing catch up I'm sure.  LOL.   What about you?  What shows do you enjoy watching? Why? What tv show have you watched the longest? 


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  • Blog 4-FALL

    Posted by AMIE WARE on 9/30/2019

    FALL--The Season of Fall


    The first day of Fall was last week, but it sure didn't feel like fall here in Oklahoma.  Instead, last week we had more summer like temperatures. You know, the kind of weather that you have in the summer to go to the lake or swim in the pool, not to be stuck inside a cold building all day.  This weather is NOT the ideal time for the a/c in your home or a/c in your car to go out. This time 3 years ago (2016), my a/c in my car went out in my car.   Looking forward though, by the end of this week, our weather will be cool and gloomy from a cold front coming in and highs only in the 60s. Talk about a roller coaster ride, just stick around in Oklahoma for a little bit and you will find out real quick what it is like to experience a roller coaster ride concering weather.  The seaon of fall is changing of the weather, the leaves falling on the trees, and the preparing us for the colder weather to come.  IF I'm honest, I DON'T like be outside in the cooler weather--but I will do it for my kids.  Watching softball, soccer, baseball, etc in the cold is miserable.  What do I like most about fall?  I guess football and some of the outfitts for the colder weather.  What about you?  Were you ready for this hot weather this past week leading up to fall?  Are you ready for the cooler weather?  What do you like most about fall?  *Remember--3 sentences! First name, last initial and hour at the end of your comment.

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  • Blog 3-Natural Disasters

    Posted by AMIE WARE on 9/23/2019
    Natural Disasters
    Ah...Oklahoma. Where the wind comes sweeping down the plains...Now you have the song in your head, ey?  In Oklahoma, we are known to be living in tornado alley and every spring is tense when there is "thunderstorms" approaching.  I'm sure many of you guys have seen and heard the comments about living in Moore and Moore getting hit with a couple of the worst tornadoes ever, such as:  Why don't you move?  Why do you still live in Moore?  You're crazy for living in Moore, etc.   Well, no matter where you live at in the United States of America, there are natural disasters that will occur.  You live on the coast, there are hurricanes, live in the Northeast and there are the crazy blizzards, live on the west  coast and there are earthquakes.  Fires in Nevada, and horrible dry heat in Mexico area.  What would you prefer to deal with?  Me, I think I'll stick with thunderstorms and tornadoes.  At least with technology nowadays, we have a few days warning that there is severe weather coming.  We have storm shelters available to take cover in.  I would hate to have to evacuate my house due to hurricane or be stuck for days due to a blizzard.  Fires would give me crazy headaches. Earthquakes freak me out.  You have no warning and all of a sudden, the ground is shaking and you can't get it to stop.  So I'll take my chances with dealing with headaches with the severe weather and heed the warnings about the weather and take cover.  Now you're turn.  What natural disaster would you be more willing to deal with. The East Coast has to deal with more hurricanes. We have already seen the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian and now Tropical Depression Imedla.  Like when we experienced May 20th tornado that took the lives of 7 children in a school we had help and support from all over.  If you could help those on the East Coast, Texas or Bahamas to recover, how would you help them? Donations of items such as clothes, diapers, food, etc. or monetary donations? Why? What advice would you give them? 
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  • Blog 2-OK State Fair

    Posted by AMIE WARE on 9/16/2019

    OK State Fair


    Well, the State Fair officially opened on September 12 (Thursday) last week.  Student day for the fair did not happen this year.  In the past, student day means any child (kindergarten thru 12th grade) can get into the state fair for free.  Which is way nice especially when you have multiple kids. LOL. Lots of money saved. On the other hand the State Fair offered a $2.00 Tuesday today.  Admission was $2.00, rides and games were all $2.00 each as well.  I  usually do not get to go to the state fair, unless we can go to Disney On Ice.  Due to games and practices and such, we were not able to go to Disney On Ice.  Oh well, maybe next year.  Do you usually go to the fair?  Will you go this year? Why or why not?  What do you like most about the fair?  Do you eat the fair food?  If so, what is your favorite?

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  • Blog 1-Hello School, Goodbye Summer

    Posted by AMIE WARE on 9/4/2019

    Back to School


    Oh Sweet Sweet Summertime!  Now August has rolled on by and school has started back up once again.  Time to turn the alarms back on, bring out the backpacks and books and back to school we go.  Well, I don't know about you, but I was enjoying my summer too much that I didn't want to come back just yet and enjoyed my labor day weekend break.   My kids and I swam almost on a daily basis.  We went to the Station this summer, VBS at church, church camp for my older 2 and I went to Falls Creek church camp with my oldest, our annual family lake trip (Broken Bow Lake again this year and we had a blast), and we ended our summer with a road trip of Route 66 to Disneyland in Anaheim, California.  For our lake trips we have been to Arbuckle Lake, Broken Bow Lake, a house next to the river to float the river, but it flooded so bad that year, no one was allowed to float the river because of the strong current,  Lake of the Ozarks, Lake Hamilton, Lake Eufala, now next year, we are thinking about Lake Texoma or Grand Lake. While we were at Disneyland, Toby was not yet 40 inches, so some of the rides he was not able to ride.  We also decided we never drive through the mountains again at night.  Little nerve wrecking when you a seen a sign warning you of falliing rocks and you can't even see the stinkin mountain.  No thanks. 

    Over Labor Day weekend, I watched OSU vs OSU on Friday night, Saturday cleaned up the house and went shopping.  Sunday-church, out for lunch, home, have Toby's brithday party, swimming and followed up by watching the OU game on the big screen. Monday, down to my mom's in Purcell for family time, a cookout and swimming. Tuesday-Toby's 4 year check up, Timothy's 5 stitches removed, picked up lunch at chick fil a, pick up 2 of Timothy's friends, take them to Highland East Jr High for football, pick up contacts, home to pay bills and in the evening--2 softball games and jr high football game.  

     In case you haven't figured it out, I have 5 kiddos, Toby is my youngest just turned 4 at the end of August, Tori is 6, Tinley is 8, Trinity is 11 and Timothy is 13.  Now, your turn.  Were you ready to come back to school?  Why or why not?  What did you do over summer break? What about your labor day break?


    *Remember to either 'SIGN IN' on the website or type your response (3 sentences-I give you 3 questions so answer each one separately) and end with your first name, last initial and hour you are in if you want credit. 50 pts per week

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