• Mrs. Willis 
    Name: Lori B. Willis Conference/Plan:  6th Hour
    Email:  loriwillis@mooreschools.com
    2nd Lunch
    Hour (Time) Subject Room #
    Before School Help Daily @ 7:55-8:15am
    1.     8:20-9:17                              Pre Calc/Trig  
    2.  9:22-10:22 Pre Calc/Trig  
    3.  10:27-11:24 AP Calculus AB   
    4.  11:30-12:28 Pre Calc/Trig  
    5.  1:11-2:08 Algebra II  
    6.  2:14-3:11 Plan
    Welcome Back Students!
    Supply List for my clases are as follows: 
    Pre Calculus/ Trigonometry:  
    1. Composition Notebook- get the sewn in pages if at all possible
    2. Pencil
    3. Paper
    4. Graphing Calculator: Optional   
    5. Bring one item:  Box of Kleenex, Graph Paper, 3x5 notecards, or 4x6 notecards
    AP Calculus AB:
    1.  1.5-2 inch 3 Ring Binder with 3 Tabs Labeled as: Homework, Warm ups, & Homework Quizzes
    2.  3x5 Index Card Notebook-This is used to make flashcards throughout the year
    3.  Graphing Calculator Required
    4.  Notebook paper
    5.  Pencil
    6. Box of Kleenex or Hand Sanitizer
    7. Composition Notebook-I will provide your first one for the year :)
    Don't forget to take advantage of our daily lunch tutoring with Mr. Lawson Rm 742!
    I am available in my room every day in the mornings 7:50-8:15am for Math Help.
    Cell Phone Policy:
     My classroom will be a no cell phone environment.  Cell phones are a distraction and potential disruption.  Having them out on one's desk, lap or other exposed location and/or listening to music is not conducive to learning mathematics.  Cell phones will be silenced and put away at all times.  Violators will have their phone taken and turned into the office as per the student handbook.