Graduation Requirements

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    Graduation Requirements
    College Prep:
    (all students unless opted out)
    English                               4 units                              
    Science                               3 units                                   
    Math (Alg I, II, Geom)            3 units                   
    Social Studies            3½ units                       
    World Lang or Computer    2 units          
    Additional course(s)            1 unit                   
    Electives                              5½ units                              
     Arts 1 Unit/Competency
    Total  needed for graduation 23 units
    (opt-out track)
     English                                              4 units
     Science                                               3 units
     Math (Alg I, Geom, Math Fin)                      3 units
     Social Studies                                     3½ units
    World Lang or Computer                       1 Unit
    Additional course(s) (not required)
    Electives                                                7½ units
     Arts 1 Units/Competencies
    Total  needed for graduation 23 units


    MPS General Gruaduation Policy
    Board Policy #7090 (rv. 1/9/17)
    In accordance with state law, ALL students entering the 9th grade will be enrolled in the college preparatory curriculum, and are required to complete an Individual Career & Academic Plan. For more information on Career & Academic Planning at MPS, please visit this page.  
    Prior to entering the 9th grade, students will have the option to "opt out" of the college preparatory curriculum with the parent/guardian's approval.
    School districts are required to report the student's performance level on the ACT on the student's high school transcript.  

    All students