Graduation Requirements

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    Graduation Requirements
    College Prep:
    (all students unless opted out)
    English                               4 units                              
    Science                               3 units                                   
    Math (Alg I, II, Geom)            3 units                   
    Social Studies            3½ units                       
    World Lang or Computer    2 units          
    Additional course(s)            1 unit                   
    Electives                              5½ units                              
     Arts 1 Unit/Competency
    Total  needed for graduation 23 units
    (opt-out track)
     English                                              4 units
     Science                                               3 units
     Math (Alg I, Geom, Math Fin)                      3 units
     Social Studies                                     3½ units
    World Lang or Computer                       1 Unit
    Additional course(s) (not required)
    Electives                                                7½ units
     Arts 1 Units/Competencies
    Total  needed for graduation 23 units


    MPS General Gruaduation Policy
    Board Policy #7090 (rv. 1/9/17)
    In accordance with state law, ALL students entering the 9th grade will be enrolled in the college prepatatory curriculum.
    Prior to entering the 9th grade, students will have the option to "opt out" of the college preparatory curriculum with the parent/guardian's approval.
    School districts are required to report the sstudent's performance level on the ACT on the student's high school transcript.