About my class...
    Throughout this year we will study several types of literature, including the short story, novel, and current news events.  We will focus on strengthening writing skills through fiction/non-fiction analysis and timed writing assignments. This is a lot of material to cover; therefore, it is extremely important to attend school every day! 
    If you must be absent, it is imperative that you get your make-up work as soon as you return to school, complete it, and turn it in to me! Our attendance policy states that you are only allowed the number of days of your absence in which to complete the make-up work!! DO NOT FORGET THIS!
    My grades are divided into two categories:
    Class Work = 80% of your grade               Semester Test = 20% of your grade

    No-Name Papers:  Any assignment turned in without a name will be posted in the class, waiting for its owner to claim it.  When the owner claims the assignment and brings it to me, it will THEN be graded with a penalty. (Sometimes the no-name papers are never claimed; therefore, the grade remains a zero in the gradebook!) 


    Students may play/text on phones before school, after school, between classes, and at lunch. Phones should be turned off/silent during class, unless teacher gives permission for phones to be used. Students must not assume that phones may be used at any time. Please help remind your child to check for messages only at an appropriate time.
    I expect my students to abide by these guidelines:
    *Be responsible. That means you should enter my room with pen/pencil, notebook, and anything else needed for my class. Use your agenda to keep up with due dates and other important reminders!
    *Be respectful of other people and the classroom. Drinks and/or food are never allowed in my classroom. Cell phones, ipods, etc are to be put away during class time. If seen, these items will be confiscated until the end of the day.
    *Use your filter; certain things should NOT be said aloud!
                          Be big boys and girls!! Let's have a GREAT year!!!