• girl

    • Student ID
    • Agenda/Planner
    • 1 Box Kleenex 
    • One ream of copy Paper - 8 1/2 x 11  20 lb weight
    • Pen or pencil 

    Moore Public Schools Internet-Electronic Network Acceptable Usage Policy will apply at all times. (Board Policy 2260 - see student handbook pg 42-45)
    Students will be expected to take care of all computer equipment.  Students will use computers appropriately at all times.  This includes the use of both the hardware and the software.  Students should not at any time attempt entry to system files or any files that are not being used by the class.  Students should not “explore” files or make any changes to system settings.  This includes but is not limited to screen savers, icons, and program settings. 

    Cell Phones - Possession and use of a cell phone must fall within these guidelines:
    • Must be on SILENT at all times during the class period.
    • CANNOT be charged at any time using school electrical outlets
    • Should be used as a tool for learning and not disrupt the learning environment.  NO TEXTING OR PHONE CALLS (incoming or outgoing) at any time during the class period.
    • Teacher has the authority to allow or ban cell phone use during class period
    Any student who chooses to misuse or disregard classroom policies and fails to follow appropriate classroom procedures will be dealt with immediately.  Parents will be notified and disciplinary action will be taken which may include detention, in-school suspension, out-of-school suspension, revocation of network and computer access privileges, and/or removal from the computer class. 
    Grades are calculated based on daily assignments (assignments and projects), tests/quizzes, and the semester test.
    Students will save their work to their student folder on the school network, which will be accessed by their student name and ID number.  It is imperative that students understand their ID # will be their password and therefore know that this number should not be shared with anyone.  Any student who disregards this warning must realize others could gain access to his/her files, which allows the possibility of manipulation/deletion of the student's work.  It is further understood that cheating (by means of accessing another student's folder for copying/printing files or any other copying whether by computer or paper) WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and all students involved will receive a zero on such an incident.  Students are expected to do their own work at all times! 
    Late work will NOT be accepted.
    Make-up work - If absent from class, it is the student's responsibility to obtain all missed assignments as well as make arrangements to make up any tests or quizzes.  District policy will be followed for acceptance of make-up work - see student handbook for details!
    • Be responsible for all material in your student handbook.  The student handbook is accessible on the Westmoore home page
    • Use of cell phones is a privilege not a right.  Failure to adhere to established guidelines can result in your cell phone being taken away.  Use your cell phone responsibly!
    • WHS student ID’s must be worn properly…NO ID, NO COMPUTER!  That means it has to be around your neck
    • Be to class on time!  NO TARDIES!
    • There is absolutely no food or candy allowed in the classroom.  Bottled water allowed.
    • Hall passes are given for emergencies only.  ID AND Agenda required!  
    • I will dismiss you from class – do not line up at the door.