• General Rules

    1.            Respect the teacher, fellow students, and classroom materials at all times.


    2.            Be prepared to do work every day.  Bring your book, paper, notebook, and a writing instrument (preferably a pencil) to class.  You will need a pencil for most tests. No pink or red ink please.


    3.            Be on time.  Do NOT be tardy.  Be prompt and seated in your assigned seat and ready to work with all materials when the bell rings.  You must be inside the door before the last bell chimes.


    4.            Do NOT disturb or play with lab equipment or any equipment in the room until told to do so and do so only under the instructor’s directions.


    5.            No food or drinks will be allowed during Labs.  Any student caught with food or drink on days we are doing experiments or dissections will have it taken away.


    6.            ID’s must be worn and visual at all times while in school.


    7.            Cell phones and other electronic devices will be allowed in class, at teacher’s discretion, for educational purpose only.   If the phone is brought to class it must be on silent and put away during class period.   If a student is caught using a cell phone during class without the teacher’s permission you will be asked to put the phone away and if the problem persists it will be given to the office and disciplinary steps will follow.