COURSE DESCRIPTION:  This course will cover important historical information about the state of Oklahoma from pre-historic times until the present.


    SUPPLIES:  The students will need paper and pen or pencil everyday.  No additional supplies will be needed for this course.


    GRADING:  Grades will be calculated based on points accumulated divided by the total points possible.  Tests will be worth 100-120 points and most daily assignments will be worth 10-50 points. 


    HOMEWORK:  All course work will be completed in class except for unit writing assignments. 


    WRITING ASSIGNMENTS:   Students will be assigned 2 writing assignments per each of the testing units.  In other words, students will be required to complete and turn in 2 writing assignments every 3 to 4 weeks.  Each writing assignment will need to be one page typed and double spaced.  Each writing assignment will be worth 50 points.  Writing assignments will not be accepted late.  I want the students to understand that they have to meet deadlines in the real world.



                --Test one will be over unit 1 (ch 1-4)

                --Test two will be over unit 2 (ch 5-8)

                --Test three will be over first half of unit 3 (ch 9-10)

                --Test four will be over second half of unit 3 (ch 11-12)

                --Test five will be over unit 4 (ch 13-16)

                --test six will be over unit 5 (ch 17-20)

                --test seven will be over unit six (ch 21-24)  if time allows

    Test schedule may be altered as district mandates concerning 6 and 12 week testing stipulate.


    CLASS RULES:  Be on time, be prepared and treat each other with respect.  The bottom line is I have the right to teach and the students have the right to learn.  Anything that disrupts that process will be dealt with.


    DISCIPLINE:  Reminder of  rules, change of seating assignment, parent contact and referral to the office.


    TARDIES AND ABSENCES:  District policy will be followed.


    FOOD AND DRINKS:  School policy will be followed.


    PASSES:  Issuing student passes will always be up to my discretion.  Students will need their agenda and their ID before they can leave the classroom for any reason.


    ELECTRONIC DEVICES:   Electronic devices are not allowed in the school or classroom as dictated by district policy.  This includes, but is not limited to, ipods, cell phones and video games.  After two warnings I take the devices and the parents can pick them up.