• Practice your Spanish at home... 


    Listening Comprehension: 


    • Try watching Spanish-speaking TV and/or listening to Spanish-speaking radio for 15-30 minutes per day.  Spanish channels in our area include:
      • Television:
        • Channel 30 KTUZ-TV – Telemundo (Cox channel 5)
        • Channel 48 KWDW-LP – Univisión (Cox channel 21)
      • Online video clips
      • Radio:
        • FM:
          • 105.3 KINB La Indominable
          • 106.7 KTUZ La Zeta
        • AM:
          • 930 WKY La Indominable
          • 1460 KZUE La Tremebda Radio México
    • If you would rather find your own radio station, here are some Spanish-language radio stations from around the world...Spanish Language Radio Stations  
    • In order to practice reading articles and listening to short broadcasts such as the ones found on the AP exam, go to BBCMundo.com


    • The best way to practice speaking is to make a friend that speaks Spanish and chat with them as often as possible.  For those of you who are shy, try talking to yourself in Spanish about things that you need to do that day...Just don't do it in public, people will think you're crazy...


    • Go to Barnes and Noble or Borders and get a Spanish-language version of an easy-reading book that you’ve already read.  Don’t look up every word; just read it.  A good example would be the Harry Potter books.  The first couple of books are geared towards younger children and are the easiest to read.  If you’ve read them before in English…even better.  You already know what’s going on.  As  you go through the books, they'll get harder and harder, and you'll learn more and more.
    • Pick up a free newspaper in Spanish once per week and skim through the paper picking out the articles that you are the most interested in and read those.  You can find free Spanish-language newspapers at the entrances of many stores.  However, if you have trouble finding one, you can always go to the publishers themselves…El Latino Spanish/English Newspaper is located on 89th and Western, and El Nacional is at 304 Southwest 25th Street, OKC.
    • If you’d rather search through newspaper articles from home, here are some links to online Spanish-language newspapers from around the world http://www.cision.com/us/2010/10/top-10-spanish-language-newspapers/



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