8th Grade Required List
    In addition to everything listed below, students should have the everything from the 7th grade percussion list.
    Instrument Model
    Marching Snare Drum Pro-Mark DC20 - may be unavailiable, any marching snare stick is appropriate dc20

    Multi-Tenor Drums

    Pro-Mark TS7 - only necessary if playing tenor drums


    Xylophone/Bells Pro-Mark PSX20R psx20r
    Marimba Pro-Mark PSM25 (2 Pairs) psm25
    Marimba Pro-Mark PSM30 psm30
    Timpani Pro-Mark ATP3 - may be unavailable, any "general" timpani mallet is appropriate. atp3

    F-F Pitch Pipe     pitch pipeThere is a great smart phone app. for this.
                        Stick/Mallet Bag   stick bag
    Westmoore High School Required List

    Everything listed above from 7th - 8th Grades, and anything that the music assigned calls for.