8th Grade Required List

    In addition to everything listed below, students should have everything from the 7th grade percussion list.

    Medium Marimba Mallets 2 pairs  ---> Innovative Percussion IP240 

    Medium Vibraphone Mallets 1 pair ---> Mike Balter 23R

    Bell/Xylophone Mallets 1 pair ---> Innovative Percussion IP901

    Rudimentsl/Marching Snare Sticks 1 pair --->VicFirth MS5

    General Timpani Mallets 1 pair --->VicFirth T1

    The above sticks/mallets are recommended. 




    Westmoore High School Required List

    All of the stick/mallets listed for 7th and 8th grades.  Additional sticks and mallets may be required for those of you playing marching tenor drums, playing drumset, or as needed for percussion ensembles or solo literature.


    F-F Pitch Pipe     pitch pipeThere is a great smart phone app. for this.
                        Stick/Mallet Bag   stick bag