Mr. Vogel – 2010-2011



    Fall Semester


    Major Writings and Units

    I.  Developing a Philosophy:  Your chance to create a belief system for a character(s) to follow. 


    II.    Create-a-Character – 5 of your own inventions!


    III.  Establishing Conflict – 5 situations where issues between characters may arise. 


    IV.  Determining Where!:  Creating a place and a time for your characters to exist. 


    V.  Who’s Talkin’?!:  Point of View and your characters.


    VI.  Whad you Say?!  Diction and Dialect activities and how your characters talk.


    VII.  Short Stories:  2 original creations. 


    VIII:  Poetry Intro:  Why we write poetry and the different types. 


    IX:  List Poetry


    X:  Free-Verse and Image Poems


    XI:  Cinquain and Diamante Poems


    XII:  Metaphor Writing and Ted Kooser:  Exposure to the current “king” of metaphor writing and techniques to create some powerful metaphors of your own. 


    XIII.  Rhyming Poetry:  Writing 5 that flow!


    XIV:  Your choice


    XV:  Your choice



    Spring Semester


    I.  Restaurant Menus


    II.  Screen Plays and Scripts


    III.  Children’s Books


    IV.  Kid’s Books Gone Wrong:  Your chance to turn a traditional well known kid’s story into an updated non-kid story. 


    V.  Heroes:  Creating a story about a hero or superhero.


    VI.  Historical Fiction


    VII.  Reality Television Shows:  Creating one of your own!


    VIII.  Portfolio and Anthology Work


    “Rolling” Units


    I.  Portfolio Work:  Your main goal in this class is to produce quality work that you are proud of.  Your final portfolio scheduled to be presented at the end of the year will be the culmination of all your efforts.  Save everything in your folders!! Nothing gets thrown away. 


    II.  Journals:  5-10 minute writings at the beginning of  each class.  These may include free-writes, topic driven writings, or responses to something we read. 


    III.  Author and Song Writer Analysis:  Each student will be expected to expose us to two authors/songwriters of his/her choice.  Pick wisely; you will be the teacher! 


    IV.  Reading:  You are required to read in this class.  It is impossible to become a better writer if you are not a good reader.  Reading days will normally be on Fridays. 


    V.  Revisions:   All writings will be meticulously revised through self-evaluation and peer – revision.  Publication quality is expected on all final drafts. 


    VI.  Movie and TV Analysis:  Occasionally you will be required to watch a TV show, analyze elements such as: characters, setting, plot, purpose, then write a response to the show.