• Westmoore High School Book Club


    The purpose of these guidelines is to establish a code of conduct for club officers and members and set forth requirements for the officers and members to maintain “active member” status.


    Any change to the constitution needs to be approved by a majority of the club’s officers and of the sponsor.


    ARTICLE I: Name

    The organization shall be called the Westmoore Book Club as determined by the founding members in October 2009.

    ARTICLE II: Purpose

    The purpose of the book club is to promote life-long reading.

    ARTICLE III: Membership

    Membership is for any member of Westmoore High School with a desire to read for knowledge and enjoyment.


    ARTICLE IV: Officers

    SECTION 1: All officers will display positive characteristics, maintain positive attitudes, adhere to school rules, and will not promote activities that are not allowed.


    SECTION 2: Officers will attend all meetings.


    SECTION 3: Officers will fulfill other responsibilities deemed necessary by the sponsor.


    SECTION 4: The officers of this club shall be: president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and reporter.


    SECTION 5: At the first or last meeting of the year, the offices of president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and reporter will be elected. Election will be won with a majority vote of present members. Only members who are present will be allowed to vote.


    SECTION 6: Each term of office will be one year.


    SECTION 7: All elected officers must be actively involved in the organization and participate in book discussions and fundraising efforts.


    SECTION 8: Any officer who performs their duty unsatisfactorily may be removed from office by a majority vote of all present members.


    SECTION 9: The president shall be the chief executive of the club and shall preside at the meetings. The president shall plan, organize and run meetings, create agendas, appoint committee chairs, and assign members to committees. In addition, the president shall meet with the sponsor prior to regular meetings to determine items for discussion.


    SECTION 10: The vice-president assumes president’s duties in case of the president’s absence, resignation, or removal from office.


    SECTION 11: The secretary shall take care of all correspondence and records including: recording minutes and letters, maintaining membership records, taking roll, and completing forms necessary for conducting club business.


    SECTION 12: The treasurer maintains financial records and shall work with the club sponsor in keeping track of the budget for the club.


    SECTION 13: The reporter shall preserve the history of the club by maintaining a scrapbook of the club. As such, the reporter shall attend and participate in club meetings, activities and events, and take photographs of such events for the club. In addition, the reporter must own a camera or have access to one. The club is responsible for fees associated with purchasing and developing film, purchasing the scrapbook, and other miscellaneous supplies needed to maintain the scrapbook. The scrapbook and supplies will be housed in the sponsor’s classroom.


    ARTICLE V: Meetings

    SECTION 1: At the first meeting of the school year, officers will determine the day and time of regular meetings. Since all officers have to be at regular meetings, the day and time selected must meet all of the officer’s schedules. Regular meetings should be held at least twice a month, and may be scheduled more often as needed. Officers may also schedule executive sessions as needed.


    SECTION 2: Book discussion date(s) and time(s) will be decided by majority vote of present members, and should be scheduled separately from regular meetings. Book discussion(s) shall occur at least once a month either before or after school beginning in September/October and ending in April/May.


    SECTION 3: A movie night will be held after a book is completed if there is a movie adapted from the chosen selection. Movie night will be held up to one week after final book discussion.


    ARTICLE VI: Sponsor

    The sponsor of this club shall be a WHS teacher. The role of the sponsor is to facilitate book discussions, oversee club activities and fundraising efforts, provide guidance and direction, and assist the treasurer in keeping track of the budget.


    ARTICLE VII: Attendance and Participation

    SECTION 1. ATTENDANCE: Regular attendance is required for active membership. As such, members are allowed two excused absences. Additional absences will result in inactive membership. Once a member has an inactive status, the membership may remove that member by a majority vote of all present members. A new member may be invited to join when a vacancy occurs.


    SECTION 2. PARTICIPATION: All members should provide input at all meetings and book discussions as well as participate in club activities, events and fundraising opportunities. All members are encouraged to read the monthly work selected and share their view(s) with the group. If a member is opposed and/or offended by a particular work, they may select another title to read and discuss. However, the book chosen must meet the book selection criteria as stated in ARTICLE IX.


    ARTICLE VIII. Annual Dues

    Annual dues will be determined at the first meeting of the school year. Each member will be required to pay the annual due to join the club.


    ARTICLE IX. Book Selection

    Members shall determine works to read and vote for each title. Majority vote by present members will determine title selection. Books shall be purchased by members by donations received, fundraising earned or may be checked out from a library. The content of the work(s) shall not be religious or political. Selected works will represent a variety of genres (i.e., mystery, science fiction, fantasy, romance, western, etc.) to expose members to different types of books. If a series is determined as a title selection to be read, only the first book in the series will be read so that we do not limit the club to one form of genre. Members may read additional series titles on their own.


    ARTICLE X. Fundraising

    Members will participate in any fundraising activities as voted on by the members. Funds earned will be used to purchase books, promotional t-shirts, or any other supplies as voted on by majority vote of present members.


    ARTICLE XI. Amendments

    This constitution may be amended at any regular or special business meeting by a majority vote of present members, providing that the revision has been read to the group prior to the vote.