• There are five participation areas in Youth & Government activities: Legislative, Judicial, Lobbyists, Youth Commission, and Media. Each participant much choose a branch in which to participate. First year participatnts are encouraged to sign up for Youth Commission where they get the opportunity to experience all of the branches at State Conference as well as take guided tours of the Capitol, News outlets, and other prominent institutions in OKC. This will help members choose an area of participation where they will feel most challenged and enriched.
    When students attend the delegate training in September, they will learn about each of the branches and have the opportunity to choose the branch which interests them the most. If they still have questions or would like to change their branch selection after the training, they can contact any of the sponsors for help.
    In November, members will be attending District Conference.  Our school will be attending Southern District Competition and Training at Southmoore High School on Saturday, November 11th. 8:30-4:30.  Lunch will be on your own.  You may ride along with other club members if you wish.  Contact Ms Baker or a club officer if you need to make lunch arrangements.
    If you are unable to attend Southern District Conference, you may attend Northern District on Saturday, Nov 4 at Edmond Memorial High School, 8:30-3:30.  In order to attend the State Conference at the Capitol in February, you need to register and attend the District Conference in November. Registration must be complete by Wednesday, Oct 11. 
    If you are in Legislative, online bill submission is due on October 11th. 
    If you are in Judicial, You should secure a copy of the Mock Trial Case online or from your sponsor by Oct 13th.  You will need to read the case several times through, as well as prepare your testimony (witness) or questions and evidence procedures (attorney)  prior to the District Meet.
    If you are a Lobbyist or in Media, you will need to assist your club in preparing for fundraisers, club activities, and/or member recruitment prior to State Conference.
    Oklahoma YMCA Youth and Government can be accessed on-line or by phone.
    Whitney Chandler, State Director 405-297-7778
    500 N Broadway, Suite 500
    Oklahoma City, OK  73102