• Concurrent Enrollment 

    Concurrent enrollment provides eligible high school students with an opportunity to earn college credit.  Minimum standards are outlined below.  The ACT score is the composite score without the writing component.


    • Research University: 24 ACT OR 24 Pre-ACT (10th grade) OR 1160 SAT OR unweighted 3.0 GPA and top 30% class rank
    • Regional Universities: 20 ACT OR 20 Pre-ACT (10th grade) OR 1020 SAT OR unweighted 3.0 GPA and top 50% class rank
    • Two-Year Colleges: 19 ACT OR 19 Pre-ACT (10th grade) OR 980 SAT OR unweighted 3.0 GPA
    Juniors or seniors who meet the requirements may participate in concurrent enrollment at any college or university.  The following courses taken through concurrent enrollment have been reviewed by Moore Public Schools and have been approved by the MPS school board for academic dual credit or elective credit.
    College Course MPS Academic Credit
    English Composition I 1/2 unit of HS English IV (Semester 1)
    English Composition II 1/2 unit of HS English IV (Semester 2)
    College Algebra or higher mathematics 1 unit of HS mathematics beyond Algebra II
    Any lab science (4 or more credit hours) 1 unit of HS lab science
    US History Before Civil War 1/2 unit of HS US History (semester 1)
    US History Since Civil War 1/2 unit of HS US History (semester 2)
    American Federal Government 1 unit of HS American Studies
    Oklahoma History  1/ unit of HS Oklahoma History
    World Language (4 or more credit hours) 1 unit of HS foreign language
    Fine arts/Humanities (3 credit hours) 1/2 unit of HS Fine Arts
    Computers (3 credit hours) 1/2 unit of HS Computers
    Any 3 hour credit class not listed above 1/2 unit of HS elective
    • Students first consult with their counselor for a Concurrent Enrollment Form to be signed by their principal, legal guardian, and their counselor stating that they are eligible to satisfy requirements for graduation from high school no later than the spring of their senior year.  
    • Student and parent/guardian sign and turn in to HS counselor the Concurrent Enrollment Criteria and Expectations form.
    • Student should request their official transcript from our Registrar in the Main Office. 
    • Take Concurrent Enrollment Form, transcript, ACT score and completed college admission packet (obtained at the school seeking enrollment) to school of choice to enroll in classes.
    • Bring copy of class schedule to your high school counselor for your schedule at Westmoore to be adjusted.
    • As of July 2005, the Oklahoma State Regents will pay tuition (not fees/books) for a senior concurrently enrolled high school student.