• Hello and Welcome to Mrs. Miller's Site!!!


         I graduated from University of Central Oklahoma with a teaching degree.   I've been a teacher in the Moore Public School System for 18 years.    I have had the pleasure of teaching grade 6th grade at Houchin Elementary, 9th grade World History at Brink Junior High for 6 years before coming to VISTA Academy.  This is my 9th year at VISTA as the high school Social Studies teacher.  
          I love teaching alternative education.  It's never boring and the students are wonderful.  Because my class size never gets larger then 18 students I am able to help them more one on one and I get to know them very well.   When they come in my classroom I want my student to feel safe enough to ask any question and feel like they are important to me.   I  really love teaching them and I hope they leave my classroom looking at the world a little differently and with a special love of history.   I teach US History, Oklahoma, Drama, and Newspaper/Yearbook. 
    I've been happily married  for 19 years and have two beautiful children who also attend the Moore school system. I'm so proud to work for this district and feel blessed that my children are getting a solid education here.