• Why I Assign Homework:  I believe homework is important because it is a valuable aid in helping students make the most of their experience in school. I give homework because it is useful in reinforcing what has been learned in class,  prepares students for upcoming lessons, teaches responsibility, and helps students develop positive study habits.    

    When I Assign Homework: Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday nights but only after they have had time in class to complete it.. Assignments should take students no more than 30 to 40 minutes to complete on the night it's assigned.  This  time does not including studying for tests and working on projects--There will be times that a project will be started or worked on in school with the expectation that the rest.. I will give students at least one week’s notice to study for all tests, however quizzes can be given at the teacher’s discretion.
    Students’ Homework Responsibilities: I expect students to do their best job on their homework. I expect homework to be neat, not sloppy. I expect students to do the work on their own and ask for help only after they have given it their best effort. I expect that all assignments will be turned in on time.
    Teacher’s Homework Responsibilities: I will check all homework and post their grades in a timely manner. Because I strongly believe in the value that positive support plays in motivating children to develop good study habits, I will give students encouragement and offer helpful feedback when they do their homework.
    If Students Do Not Complete Homework: If students choose not to do their homework, I will talk with them to make sure they understand the assignment. If the problem persists, I will contact the parents to discuss possible solutions. Students will lose class participation points if assignments are not turned in starting with the second incomplete assignment.