• I have a few simple rules for my class.  I feel like they are great rules to live by.
    1. Be Purposeful ---Know what your goals are and what you need to do to achieve them!!
    2. Be Prepared to participate
    3. Be Respectful and kind to one another
    4. Be Responsible for your actions

    What will I need for your class?
    · One 3 prong, pocket notebook
    · One package of notebook paper
    · One box of Kleenex
    · One package of antibacterial wipes (bleach)
    · Pencil or pen for note taking
    What are my grades based on? Great question!!!
    You will need to be ready to participate in classroom activities done in class.  I don't give participation grades often but when I do you should be ready to work!!!
    The rest of your grades will come from projects, tests, quizzes, and homework.   In life, you will find that you must be present to win big.  Excessive absences will hurt your grade and will hinder your ability to meaningfully participate.
    Grading scale for Moore Public Schools:
    100 - 90 = A
    89 – 80 = B
    79 – 70 = C
    69 – 60 = D
    59 and below = Failing- See me for a LONG discussion…

    I give out progress reports fairly regularly.  If you would like one in between those times feel free to ask.  I don't mind printing you one.


    You have up until 5 days after an assignment is due, to turn it in.  Each day it is last past the due date you will receive 10 points off of your final grade.  It benefits you to turn your stuff in on time.  Each test that you take in my class will be worth 200 points.  You need to study and work hard in this class in order to be successful. 

    My disciple policy is as follows:
    The 1st incident/tardy:  warning
    The 2nd incident/tardy:  hallway conference
    The 3rd incident/tardy: conference again and call home
    The 4th incident/tardy: referral to office
    Extreme offences will result in an immediate office referral!