• 6th Hour Enrichment (Elective) - Art/Health
    7th Grade:
    Over a 6 week period my students will have experience using different art mediums such as, water colors, oil pastels, markers, etc.
     The students will also be learning about different artist and the work those artist are famous for.  The students will replicate the artist work.
    8th Grade:
    The Students will be learning the importance of Hygiene and the different changes and hormones that occur during adolescence.  The importance of daily bathing and proper care of the body such as shampooing hair, using deodorant, etc.
    The students electives will change every 6 weeks.  We offer a variety of electives at VISTA.  The students will have the opportunity to experience Art/Health, Keyboarding, Career Investigations, Self-Esteem, P.E. and Yearbook/Newspaper.