• Arrival to Class:

    • When you arrive at our class, I will greet you in the hallway.
    • If I am not in the hallway or in my classroom please wait for permission before entering the room.
    • Students will line up along the wall quietly and we will enter class together.
    • When you enter the classroom please be seated at your assigned seat.
    • Prepare yourself for class.

    When Class Begins:

    • When you enter the classroom you will have bell work which will usually be 3 to 4 questions from the day before.
    • There should be no talking or moving about once you have entered the room and you are seated.
    • Please fill out your agenda and prepare yourself for class instruction.
    Expectations During Instruction:
    • Please give the teacher your full attention.
    • Do not talk while the teacher is talking.
    • Please wait to be recognized by the teacher before you begin speaking.
    • Do not start the assignment until the teacher instructs you to begin.

    • If I raise my hand, you are to stop talking, face me, and also raise your hand until everyone in the classroom has stopped talking and I lower my hand.
    • I will instruct the students to stop, look and listen.
    • I will say, I will wait if talking continues I say, I am still waiting ( I normally just have to say this once or twice.)
    • If you can hear my voice clap once, if you can hear my voice clap twice.
    End of Class Dismissal:
    • I will inform you when it is time for class dismissal, do not put up your work or stop working until I have instructed you to do so. ( I will release you, not the clock!)
    • Upon dismissal, you should save your work in your designated folder which is located on the wall in the back of the classroom.
    • Clean-up your work area, make sure the area around your desk is free of liter, line up quietly in a straight line in front of the classroom door.
    • I will sign your agenda which is your ticket out of the door.