• cherries 
    My name is Cindy Farquhar, I teach 7th grade Life Science, 8th grade Earth Science and I am an instructor for the on-line (Gradpoint) program.  I also teach Art for 7th graders and Health for 8th graders in my Enrichment (Elective) class. 
    I graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a Bachelors of Science Degree.  I started my teaching career in elementary education, in 1999, I decided I needed to start a new chapter and joined the team at VISTA Academy and now have 16 years vested in this amazing program. 
    I love teaching alternative education and working for Dr. Ludwig and Moore Public Schools. I believe your student's educational success relies heavily on the teamwork of parent/guardian, student, teacher and principal.   Each student in my classroom is treated equally; my classroom is built on mutual trust and is conducive for learning. 
     Thank you for entrusting your student to my care.